4 November 2012

Depriving Many a Poor Creature of Liberty

Door of the Debtor's Prison, from the exhibition
Birmingham: it's people, it's history at BMAG.  

Visit the now demolished Debtor's Prison and the building that housed it, here. Find out about the Birmingham History Galleries which display this piece, here.

The plaque at the top of the door states "THIS DEBTORS PRISON DOOR STOOD IN HIGH STREET, BIRMINGHAM, DEPRIVING MANY A POOR CREATURE OF LIBERTY. NOTE THE BARS THRO WHICH CHARITABLE PASSERS-BY DROPPED COINS TO THE INMATES". Unlike the main prison, there was alot more sympathy towards the inmates in the debtor's prison, as many in business could be at risk of ending up there if their business dealings did not go well. The Debtor's Prison was tucked down an alley on Birmingham's High Street, inside the Court of Requests building.

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