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  • Index of wills for Diocese of Lichfield and Coventry 1610-1780, here.
  • Hearth Tax Returns for Birmingham and Deritend 1682; and Birmingham, Deritend, Edgbaston, Erdington, Bordesley and Castle Bromwich 1683, here.


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ST. PETER & ST. PAUL: one of only two churches in modern Birmingham mentioned in the Domesday Book (the other is in Northfield). Situated on Witton Lane, Aston.
Records found online.
Baptisms, Marriages & Burials: Printed Transcripts Digitised 1544-1639/40. NOTE: you will need to log into FAMILYSEARCH.ORG before this link will work.
Records found at Birmingham Archives
BaptismsMicrofilm 1563-1775, Photocopy 1775-1805, Microfilm 1805-1959
MarriagesMicrofilm 1561-1969
BurialsMicrofilm 1544-1776, Photocopy 1775-1793, Microfilm 1782-1954


ST. MARTINearliest mention 1263 (rebuilt c.1692 & 1873, alterations 1781 & 1786). Situated in Bull Ring, Birmingham.
See posts from the blog: ALL : St. Martin Images
Records found at Birmingham Archives
BaptismsMicrofilm 1555-1929
MarriagesMicrofilm 1554-1981
BurialsMicrofilm 1554-1915
Available to buy from BMSGH
Baptisms: 1554-1929 Marriages: 1554-1903 Burials: 1554-1915. On DVD or CD formatvisit site.
Information: In about 1692 the church was given a new exterior in red sandstone, keeping the interior mainly in tact; the spire was kept. The spire was rebuilt in 1781. In 1786 the interior was altered. The 1873 rebuild was by J. A. Chatwin, everything but the spire and tower replaced, including the interior.


ST. JOHN THE BAPTISTstanding c.1375 to c. 1960 (rebuilt 1735). Situated on DeritendAston.
See posts from the blog: None at present
Records found at Birmingham Archives
Baptisms: Microfilm 1699-1881 Original Records 1882-1900 Microfilm 1900-1940
Marriages: Microfilm 1700-1753 GAP IN RECORDS Microfilm 1890-1940
Burials: Microfilm 1791-1812
Other records for St. John's at Birmingham City Archives, here.
There is a gap in the records for marriages 1797 to 1890.


ST. PHILIP: standing 1715 to present. Situated on Temple Row, Birmingham.
See posts from the blog: ALL
Records found at Birmingham Archives
Baptisms: Microfilm 1715-2009
Marriages: Microfilm 1715-1960
Burials: Microfilm 1715-1965


ST. BARTHOLOMEWstanding 1749 to 1943 most/1961 all. Situated on Masshouse Lane, Birmingham.
Records found at Birmingham Archives
BaptismsMicrofilm 1847-1929
MarriagesMicrofilm 1847-1937
BurialsMicrofilm 1847-1899
Information: St. Bartholemew's was the third church to be built in the original parish of Birmingham, and was constructed in 1749 to accommodate the rising population in the east of the parish and to ease the strain on St. Martin's. The land was gifted by Joseph Jennens who owned much of the area, known as the Jennens estate. St. Bartholemew's became a chapelry in 1847, so was given its own parish from that of St. Martin's. Attached was Park Street burial ground which was converted into a public garden in 1880, some of which still survives. In 1886 there was a mission room in Fox Street.


ST. MARYstanding 1774 to c.1925 (renovated 1857). Situated on Whittall Street, Birmingham.
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Records found at Birmingham Archives
BaptismsMicrofilm 1774-1925
MarriagesMicrofilm 1842-1925
BurialsMicrofilm 1779-1884
A parish was assigned in 1841, out of St. Martin's. In 1882 the disused burial ground was laid out as a garden for the use of the public.
Information: Designed by Joseph Pickford, St. Mary's was built to ease the strain on St. Martin's in 1774. The design was unusual in that it was built in a hexagon shape, and William Hutton described it as having 'too little steeple and too much roof'.* The spire and tower were rebuit in 1866, though the design was similar to the original. St. Mary's was originally part of St. Martin's parish but achieved its own right as a parish in 1841, though it was only a small parish (1/4 mile square), and in 1868 it became a vicarage. The church was closed in 1925. The church was originally on Catherine Street, but the name changed to Whittal Street.


ST. PAULstanding 1779 to present. Situated on St. Paul's Square, Birmingham.
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Records found at Birmingham Archives
BaptismsMicrofilm 1779-1963
MarriagesMicrofilm 1841-1982
BurialsMicrofilm 1779-1939
Information: A parish was assigned in 1841, out of St. Martin's.


ST. JAMES THE LESSstanding 1789 as a church to c.1956 (enlarged 1835). Situated on Barrack Street & Great Brook Street, Ashted, Aston.
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Records found at Birmingham Archives
BaptismsMicrofilm 1810-1970
MarriagesMicrofilm 1853-1967
BurialsMicrofilm 1810-1935
Information: Opened in 1791. A parish was formed in 1853.


CHRIST CHURCH: standing 1805 to 1899. Situated between New Street & Ann Street, Birmingham.
See posts from the blog: ALL - interior  - why demolished - shops in the wall
Records at Birmingham archives.
Baptisms: Microfilm 1865-1897
Marriages: Microfilm 1865-1897
Burials: Microfilm 1817-1893 (some burials are also online at Find My Past, but you can only search by name and not by the church)
Information: Building work begun 1805, spire and portico added 1813, completed 1815 & clock added 1816.
The church ran a Sunday School which moved to the infant school nearby on Ann Street when that opened in 1825. It also ran schools in the evening to teach children reading, writing and general arithmetic. The church established a number of other charitable provisions for the poor including a Provident Institution to enable children to have medicine and medical care, a shoe and clothing club available at 2d per week, and a visiting society to help the poor and spread the word.
Known Ministers
1832-1839: Rev. John George Breay.


ST. GEORGE: standing 1822 to 1960 (extended 1882). Situated on Tower Street, Birmingham.
See posts from the blog: the church
Records found at Birmingham Archives
Baptisms: Microfilm 1823-1955
Marriages: Microfilm 1830-1956
Burials: Microfilm 1822-1916, when the churchyard was closed and made into a garden. 
Online: Online 1836-1840 burials here; 1823-1837 baptisms here.
Information: A description of the area of St. George's in 1822 can be found in Langford, here.
For a list of the streets in St. George's parish in 1851 see here.
The church stood on Tower Street and near Great Hampton Row. The parish of St. George's was formed in 1830, when a rectory was built. In 1844 some of that parish was taken to be included in St. Stephen's, and in 1856 more again to St. Matthias's. The church had cost £12,735, cheap for a church at the time, and had 1378 free seats and 581 paying.


ST. THOMAS: standing 1829 to present, in part (bombed in 1940, only part remains). Situated on Bath Row, Birmingham.
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Records found at Birmingham Archives
BaptismsMicrofilm 1829-1948
MarriagesMicrofilm 1835-1941
BurialsMicrofilm 1830-1908
Information: Built between 1826 and 1829.


ST. LUKE: standing 1842 to 2018 (rebuilt 1899 to 1903). Situated on Bristol Street, Birmingham.
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Records found at Birmingham Archives
Baptisms: Microfilm 1842-1872 Original Records 1873-1970
Marriages: Original Records 1843-1990
Burials: None
Information: Designed by H. Eginton in the Norman Style, and consecrated in 1842. A parish given in 1843 out of St. Martin's.  The second church was designed by Edward Mansell, also in the Norman Style. The original church was demolished after being condemned as unsafe. Until recently it was used as the Redeemed Christian Church of God, a Nigerian church; St. Luke's being moved and rebuilt at Attwood Green.


Later churches will be added to this page.


The following information was taken from a gov. website that has now gone offline. I did not manage to record all the information before the site was removed, and, although all care was taken for accuracy, that cannot be guaranteed. The sections cover the various sub-districts of the 1851 census in Birmingham and the roads that were recorded in each of those districts. The sub-districts are, in alphabetical order: All Saints, Aston Manor (new, 2019), Deritend & Bordesley (new 2019), Duddeston (new 2019), St. George's, Ladywood (new, 2019), St. Martin's, St. Mary's, St. Paul's, St. Peter's (new 2019), St. Philip's and St. Thomas's. You can follow the orange links to find out more abouts the buildings on the different streets and in those areas. We would be very grateful for any correction of mistakes or additional information.

Streets in the parish in 1851
Abbey Court, Abbey Place, Abbey Row, Albion Place/St, All Saints Street, Ashley Place, Augusta Street, Branston Street, Brick Yard, Brook Street, Brooksfields, Brown Square, Camden Place, Caroline Street, Cemetery Lane, Cemetery Road, Cherry Court, Cope Lane, Cottage Place, Cottage Terrace, Cox Street*, Dudley Road, Factory Road, Foundry Lane, Fordrough, Frederick Street*, George Street*, George Street East, George Street West, Gibb Heath, Gibb Heath Place, Gooch Yard, Goode Street, Gothic Row, Graham Street, Great Hampton Street*, Grosvenor Place, Hall Street, Hanover Terrace, Harper's Hill, Hockley*, Hockley Hill*, Icknield Street East*, James Street, Key Hill, Kenion Street, Lansdown Place, Livery Street*, Lodge Road, Lodge Terrace, Lower Camden Street, Lower Lodge, Malthouse Square, Mary Street, Mount Pleasant, Mount Street, Nenevah Village, Northampton Street, Northwood Street*, Norton Street, Park Place, Pitsford Street, Radford Place, Regent Parade, Regent Place, Regent Row, Regent Street, Richard Street, Similoe Road, Snape Street, Soho Road, Soho Wharf, Spencer Place, Spencer Street, Spring Hill*, Spring Hill Fields, Spring Hill Terrace, Springfield Street*, Talbot Street, Talbot Terrace, Uncton Terrace, Upper Hockley Street, Upper Lodge, Victoria Court, Villa Place, Vittoria Street, Veuton Terrace, Vyse Street, Vyse Terrace, Warstone Lane*, Warstone Terrace, Winson Green, Winson Green Road, Yoxall Place.
*Street in multiple districts

Public Houses in 1851
Abbey Tavern, Bulls Head Tavern, Cemetery Tavern, Coal Heaver's Return Inn, Crown and Anchor Inn, Gate Inn, Grand Turk Inn, King's Arms Inn, Old Tree Inn, Park Cottage Tavern, Providence Tavern, Trees Inn, Warstone Inn, Winson Green Tavern, Woodman Inn.

Other Notable Institutions and Buildings
Borough Gaol
Borough Lunatic Asylum and Lodge
Gillott's Manufactory
All Saints School
George Street West School
Lower Camden Street School
Spencer Street School
Spring Hill College
St. Paul's School

Streets in 1851
Albert Place, Ashfords Yard, Aston Road*, Barker Street, Berner Street, Brougham Street, Burbury Street, Cambrian Place, Caroline Street, Cedar Terrace, Chain Walk, Cheshire Street, Church Lane*, Church Street, Clarence Place, Coverdale Terrace, Edgmore Terrace, Firtree Place, Furnace Meadow, George Street*, Gerrard Street, Gower Street, Gower Terrace, Guildford Street, Hunter Lane, Hunters Lane, Hunters Vale, John Street, Kelvin Grove, Lichfield Road*, Lower Wilton Street, Lozells Grove, Lozells Road, Manor Place, Mill Yard, Mills Place, Montpelier Place, New Street West, Nursery Grove, Nursery Terrace, Park Crescent, Park Lane, Park Place, Park Street, Phillip's Street, Poole Street, Portland Street, Potters Fields, Potters Lane, Powell Street, Richmond Place, Richmond Terrace, Robins Gardens, Round Hill, St. Mary's Row, Sutton Street, Sycamores, Temperance Place, Temperance Square, Temperance Terrace, Thimblemill Lane, Thomas Street, Vale Terrace, Victoria Grove, Villa Street, Walmer Place, Walsall Road, Western Terrace, Wharf Street, Wheeler Street, Wills Street, Wilton Terrace, Yates Street.

Pubs in Parish in 1851
Aston Tavern, Barton Arms Inn, Bell Inn, Dog and Duck Tavern, Lozells Tavern, Park Tavern, Royal Oak Inn

Other Notable Institutions and Buildings
Brougham Street Baths
House of Mercy Convents
Post Office
Toll House

Adderley Street, Aderlaide Street, Albion Place, Alcester Street, Allcock Street, Birchall Street, Bradford Row, Bradford Street, Brewery Place, Brewery Street, Bridge Road End, Bridge Row, Chapel House Street, Charles Henry Place, Charles Henry Street, Cheapside, Coopers Row, Darwin Street, Derby Street, Edward Street, Farely Street, Gibb Street, Glover Street, Great Barr Street, Green Street, Heath Mill Lane, High Street, Lily Green, Liverpool Street, Lombard Street, Longmore Street, Lower Trinity Street, MAcdonald Street, Meeting House Yard, Montague Street, Moseley Street, New Court, New Thomas Street, Palmer Street, Pen Street, Pool Terrace, Stone Yard, Vaughton Place, Vaughton Street, Vaughton Terrace, Woodbridge Yard.
Adderley StreetAlcester Street, Anderton's Lane, Baker Street, Bordesley Lane, Bordesley Green, Bordesley Park, Bowyer Street, Bradford StreetBrewery Street, Brick Yard, Broom Street, Byfield Row, Camphill, Cheapside, Cherry Lane, Cottage Row, County Girl Court, Coventry Road, Cumberland Place, Cumberland Terrace, Dark LaneDarwin Street, Dawson Street, Dimmock Street, Durndford Place, Garrick Lane, Garrison Farm, Garrison Lane, Garrison Terrace, Golden Hillock, Grange Road, Great Barr Street, Green Lanes, Greenway Terrace, Hawks Street, High Street, Highgate, Highgate Lane, Highgate Place, Highgate STreet, Hob Lane, Hollier Street, Itens Row, Ivy Lane, Ivy Lane Square, Lady Pool Lane, Lawley Street*, Ledsams Gardens, Little Barr Street*, Longmore Street, Lowe Street, Lower Barr Street, Lower Dartmouth Street, Lower Lawley Street, Meriden Place, Mole Street, Moseley Road, Moseley Street, Mount Pleasant*, Mount Street, Munty Street, New Bond Street, New Road, Old Crown Court, Paradise Place, Paradise Terrace, Park Place, Poplar Place, Prince Albert Street, Richmond Terrace, Right Street, Salop Place, Salop Street, Saltly StreetSandy Lane, Shortman's Yard, Spon Terrace, Stratford Place, Stratford Road, Summer Place, Swan Court, The Elms, The Larches, The Newlands, The Poplars, The Ravenhurst, Trinity Place, Trinity Terrace, Upper Trinity Street, Vaughton Hole, Vaughton Terrace, Veru'lam Place, Victoria Place, Victoria Street, Walnut Terrace, Warner Street, Warner Street Retreats, Warwick Place, Warwick StreetWatery Lane, Whitmore Lane, Windsor Place, Witton Street.

Pubs in Bordesley in 1851
Adderley Arms Inn, Anchor Inn, Angel Inn, Bee Hive Tavern, Bordesley Green Tavern, Bulls Head Inn, Cheapside Tavern, Colmore Arms Inn, County Girl Inn, Dolphin Inn, Globe Inn, Malt Shovel Beer House, Navigation Inn, Sailors Return Inn, Ship Inn, Smallheath Tavern, St Andrews Tavern, The Orange Tree Inn, Village Tavern.

Other Notable Institutions and Buildings
Toll House

Pubs in Deritend in 1851
Compasses Inn, Dudley Castle Beer House, Golden Lion Inn, Green Man Inn, Justice Inn, Leather Bottle Inn, Nags Head Inn, Nelson Inn, Old Kings Arms Inn, Red Lion Inn, Swan With Two Necks Inn, Three Crowns Inn, Turks Head Inn

ASTON Registration Sub-District 2: Duddeston Parish: Aston Hamlet: Duddeston-cum-Nechells (1)(5)
Street in 1851
AB Row, Adam Street, Ashted Row, Ashted Terrace, Aston Road*, Bagot Street*, Barrack Street, Bellevue Place, Belmont Passage, Belmont Row, Belmont Village, Bloomsbury Street, Brewertons Walk, Brewer(y) Street*, Bridge Street, Canal Side, Cardigan Street, Cattle Street, Cattles Grove, Cheatham Street, Clarendon Street, Coleman Street, Curzon Street, Dartmouth Place, Dartmouth Street, Digby Street*, Duddeston Lane, Duke Street*, Fishermans Row, Forge Street, Francis Street, Garbetts Farm, Gas Works, George Street*, Godwin Street, Gospel Street, Gosta Green, Great Brook Street, Great Francis Street, Great Lister Street, Heneage Street, Henry Street, High Park Road, Highpark Street, Holt Street, Howe Street, Johnson Street, Kingsland Place, Lawley Street*, Legge Street*, Lister Street, Long Acre Street, Lord Street, Love Lane, Lower Windsor Street, Loxton Street, Lupin Street, Mill Street, Mount Street, Nechells, Nechells Green, Nechells Place, Netherlands, New John Street*, Northumberland Street, Oxygen Street, Park Road, Penn Street, Primrose Hill, Princes Street*, Pritchet Street*, Procter Street, Prospect Row, Railway Terrace, Railway Wharf, Richard Street, Richmond Place, Rockey Lane, Rowland Street, St James' Place, Saltley Road, Scolefield Road, Seven Stars Yard, Smith Street, Spices Court, Spires Court, Swan Yard, Taylor Street, Thimblemill Lane*, Townsend Place, Union Terrace, Vauxhall Grove, Vauxhall Road, Weston Street, Wharf Street*, Whittells Court, Whittells Yard, Wilkings Yard, Willis Street, Windsor Street, Woodcock Street, Workhouse Farm.

Pubs in Parish in 1851
Bridge Tavern, British Queen Inn, Elephant Inn, Royal Oak Inn, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Swan Inn, Turks Head Inn.

Other Notable Institutions and Buildings
Duddeston Hall Asylum


Streets in parish in 1851
Accomodation Street, Albion Place*, Attwood Place, Bailey Street, Barr Street, Barr Street West, Blews Street, Bond Street, Brass Street, Brearley Street, Brearley Street West, Brewery Street, Bridge Street West, Buckingham Street, Castle Court, Castle Yard*, Cecil Street, Claremont Place, Cleveland Street, Clock Dial Yard, Colmore Terrace, Constitution Hill*, Cottage Row*, Eldon Place, Eldon Street, Evans Place, Farm Street, Great Hampton Row, Great Hampton Street*, Great King Street, Great Russell Street, Guest Street, Guilford Place, Guilford Street, Hampton Street, Handley Street, Hanley Street, Harding Street, Harford Street, Hatchett Street, Hockley, Hockley Hill, Hockley Place, Hockley Street, Hospital Street, Howard Street, Hunters Lane, Jerusalem Court, Lamp Tavern Court, Little Hampton Street, Lower Loveday Street*, Lower Russell Street, Lower Tower Street, Macdonald Street, Manchester Street, Melbourne Place, Mott Street, New Church Street, New John Street, New John Street West, New Summer Street, New Town Row, Old Brewery Yard, Ormond Street, Otleys Street, Paradise Place, Poplar Row, Poplar Terrace, Pritchett Street, Royal George Court, Royal Oak Court, Russell Place, Smith Street, Snow Hill*, St. George Street, St. George's Cresent, St. George's Place, St. George's Terrace, St. John's Place, St. Luke's Row, Summer Lane, Swan Court, Tenbury Place, Tenbury Terrace, Theresa Place, Tower Street, Twenty House Row, Unett Street, Upper Brearley Street, Upper Hospital Street, Upper Tower Street, Victoria Terrace*, Vulcan Place, Ward Street, Weighing Machine, Well Street, Wellington Place, Westminster Place, Wheeler Street, William Street North, Wilsons Court.

Pubs in parish in 1851
Albion Tavern, Denbigh Arms Inn, Guilford Arms Inn, Horse and Jockey Inn, Junction Inn, Red House Tavern, Robin Hood Inn, Rose and Crown Inn, Salutation Inn, Saracens Head Inn, Star and Garter Inn, Vulcan Inn, White Lion Inn, Wool Pack Inn

Other Notable Institutions and Buildings
Alms Houses on Hospital Street
General Hospital on Summer Lane
Infant Poor Asylum
Nail Works
School House on New Town Row

Albert Place*, Albion Place*, Albion Street*, Albion Terrace*, Anderton Street, Arcall Terrace, Attwood Passage, Barker Street, Baskerville Place, Birmingham Heath, Bowden Place, Brass House Passage, Brass House Yard, Brighton Place, Brighton Terrace, Broad Street*, Cambridge Street, Camden Hill/St, Camden Place, Canal Side, Carver Street, Clarence Place, Clement Street, Cobden Place, Cope Street, Cottage Lane, Cottage Place, Cresent, Cumberland Street, Dudley Road*, Easy Row*, Edward Place, Edward Street, Eli Place, Essington Street, Eyre Street, Frederick Street*, Freeth Street, Garbett Street, Graham Street*, Great Charles Street*, Griffith's Court, Grosvenor Street West, Grotto Place, Hawkins Square, Heath Farm, Ladywood Lane, Ladywood Place, Ladywood Terrace, Ledsam Street, Lees Drive, Legge Lane/St, Lower Terrace, Melbourne Place, Mill Place, Mill Street, Morton Place, Morville Street, Mousley Court, Nelson Street, Nelson Street West, New Hall Hill, Nile Place, Nile Street, Oak Place, Oldbury Road, Oozells Street, Parade*, Pope Street, Powell Street, Providence Terrace, Richmond Place, Rotton Park Farm, Ruston Street, Ruston Street North, Ryland Place, Ryland Street*, (St.) Martin's Place, Sand Pits, Sand Pits Terrace, Saturday Bridge, Sheepcote Lane, Sheepcote Street, Spring Hill*, Spring Place, St, Mark Street, St. Martin's Row, St. Peter's Place, Steward Street, Stour Street, Summer Hill, Summer Hill Terrace, Summer Row*, Tenby Place, Tenby Street, Tindal Grove, Tindal Street, Tyndal Street, Union Place, Union Terrace, Victoria Place*, Vincent Street, Warstone Lane*.

Pubs in 1851
Bingley Tavern, Boat Tavern, Broad Street Tavern, Brown Lion Inn, Bulls Head Inn, Exhibition Tavern, Flag Tavern, Golden Cup Inn, Mitre Tavern, Mount Pleasant Tavern, Orange Tree Tavern, Pear Tree Tavern, Red Lion Inn, Sir John Falstaff Tavern, St. Peter's Place Brewery, Summer Hill School, Three Horse Shoes Inn, Vine Inn

Other Notable Institutions and Buildings
Lying-in Hospital
Protestant Dissenters Charity School
Sand Pits Police Station


Registration Sub-District: 3 St Martin Parish: Birmingham Hamlet: St Bartholomew
Streets in 1851
Albert Terrace, Balsall Street, Barford Street, Bath Passage, Bath Terrace, Bell Street, Benacre Street, Bishop Street, Bissell Street, Bordesley Street, Bradford Street, Bristol Street*, Bristol Terrace, Bromsgrove Street*, Centre Row, Charles Henry Street, Cheapside, Chiswell Street, Clifton Terrace, Coventry Street, Dean Street, Dean's Court, Dean's Place, Digbeth*, Edgbaston Street*, Fleece Yard, Floodgate Street, Gloucester Street, Harford's Yard, High Street*, Hipkins Court, Hurst Street*, Inge Street*, Jamaica Row, Kent Street, Lady Well Passage, Lady Well Walk, Lansdown Place, Lease Lane/Street, Little Ann Street, Long Bridge Street, Lower Essex Street, Lower/Little Hurst Street, Lower Hurst Street East, Lower Pershore Street, Macdonald Street*, Meriden Street, Milk Street, Mill Court, Mill Lane, Moat Lane, Moat Row, Monrow Square, Moores Row, Moseley Street, Nelson Street South, Nelson Terrace, New Street*, Oxford Street, Park Lane, Park Street*, Pershore Street, Phillip Street, Pudding Brook Row, Rea Street, Sherlock Street, Skinner Street, Skinners Lane, Small Brook Street, Smithfield Passage, Spiceal Street, St. Luke's Street, St. Martin's Lane, Star Court, Stone Yard*, Trent Street, Upper Dean Street, Upper Mill Lane, Vale Court, Victoria Terrace (*), Vine Street, Weston's Court, White Lion Yard, Worcester Street*, Wrentham Street.

Pubs in 1851
Fountain Inn, Nelson Tavern, Wellington Tavern, White Swan Inn, Why Not Tavern, Woodman

Other Notable Institutions and Buildings
Bristol Street School
Licensed Victuallers Asylum
Park Street Lodging House


Streets in 1851
Aston Street*, Baggot Street, Bailey Street, Balloon Street, Bath Street, Beal's Court, Brickiln Street, Bull Street*, Canal Street, Coach Yard*, Dale End*, Digby Street, Fisher Street, Gullet, Henn Street, John Street, Lancaster Street, Legge Street, Lench Street, Lichfield Street, Lloyd's Court, London Prentice Street, Loveday Street, Lower Loveday Street*, Lower Priory, Malt Shovel Yard, Moland Street, Minories, Nelson Square, Newton Street, Old John Street, Old Square, Potter Street, Price Street, Princip Street, Rope Walk, Russell Street, Sand Street, Shadwell Street, Silver Street, Slaney Street, Snow Hill*, St. Mary's Row, Stafford Street*, Staniforth Street, Steelhouse Lane, Taylor's Court, Thomas Street*, Turner's Court, Union Court, Upper Priories, Weaman Row, Weaman Street, Wharf, Whittall Street, York Row, York Street.

Pubs in 1851

Other Notable Institutions and Buildings
Birmingham Workhouse
Convent of the Abbess of Mary
Machin House
Police Station
Stork Hotel
Alms Houses
Glover's Alms Houses
Lench's Trust Alms Houses

Streets in 1851
Ann Street*, Bread Street*, Britton Street, Charlotte Street, Church Street, Colmore Row, Congreve Street, Constitution Hill*, Cox Street, Easy Row, Edmund Street, Fleet Street, George Street, Glostram Yard, Great Charles Street*, Henrietta Street, Holland Street, Lionel Street, Little Charles Street, Livery Street*, Ludgate Hill (Ma), Marlborough Court, Mary Ann Street, Midwoods Court, Monmouth Street*, Mount Street*, Newhall Street, Newmarket Street, North Wood Street, Parade*, Paradise Street*, Ryland Street*, Snow Hill*, St. Paul's Square*, Summer Row*, Water Street.
*Street in multiple districts

Pubs in 1851
Horse and Groom Inn, Johnson Head Inn, Mitre Tavern, Odd Fellows Arms Inn, Queens Arms Inn, Red Lion Inn, Rose and Crown Inn, Royal Oak Inn, The Cup Inn, Walsall House Inn, White Hart Inn, White Horse Inn, White Swan Inn

Other Notable Institutions and Buildings
Elkington Works
Hawk's New Buildings
Sergeant's Works
Servants Home, on Mount Street
Slutton's Timber Yard
Tripe House
Wakefield Cottage/s

Streets in 1851
AB Passage (off Princes St), Andover Street (Ba), Aston Street (BR), Banbury Street (Ba), Bank Alley (off Dale End) (Pe), Barn Street (Ba), Bartholomew Court (off Bordesley St) (Ba), Bartholomew Row (Ba), Bartholomew Street (Ba), Bishop Street (Ba, Lu), Bordesley Street* (Ba), Buck Street (Ba)Bull Ring (Ma), Canal Street (Ba, BR), Careys Court (near Castle St) (Pe), Carrs Lane (Pe)Castle Street (Pe)*, Chapel Street (Ba)Coach Yard (off Bull St) (Pe), Coal Yard (?near Price St) (MaW), Coleshill Street (Ba, BR), Cotton Row (off Moor St) (Ba), Cotton Street (Ba), Dale End* (Ba, Pe)Doe Street (Ba)Drury Lane (Ba), Duddeston Row (Ba), Duke Street (BR), Engine Court (off Engine St) (Ba), Engine Street (Ba), Fazeley Street (Ba), Fords Court (off High St) (Ma), Fox Street (Ba), Freeman Street (Ba), Frogats Buildings (on Bordesley St) (Ba), Gem Street, Golden Lion Passage (off Old Cross St) (BR), Goughy YardGrosvenor Row (Ba), Grosvenor Street (Ba), Hall of Nations YardHamer's BuildingsHamer's Place, Hens Walk (off Moor Street, near Carrs Lane) (Pe), Hicks Square (Ba), High Street* (42-58) (Pe), Hood's BuildingJennens Row (Ba), Laurence Street (BR), Leek StreetLittle Ann Street* (Ba), Lower Fazeley Street (Ba), Masshouse Lane (Ba), Market Street (Ba), Moor Street (Ba, Ma, Pe), New Canal Street (Ba), New Meeting Street (Pe), New Thomas Street* (BR), Novascotia Street (Ba), Old Cross Street (BR), Park Street (Ba, Ma), Pickford Street (Ba), Princes Street* (Ba), Rose and Crown YardSheep Street (BR), Shutt LaneSt. George's Place*, Stafford Street (BR), Tanter Street (BR), Thomas Street* (Pe), Timmins Court, Turk's Head YardVauxhall Street (BR), Waterloo Place (off Moor St) (Ma), Wire MillWood Street*Wood's Buildings.
* Street divided between more than one sub-district or more than one street with this name. .   

Public Houses in 1851
Bell Inn, Buck Inn, Camp Tavern, Castle Wine Vaults, Lion and Lamb Inn, Malt Shovel Inn, Malthouse Inn, Vulcan Inn

Institutions and Other Buildings in 1851
Bull's Hotel
Canal Office, Lower Fazeley Street (*)
Dingley's Hotel, Moor Street
Gem Street Independent School
Old Court House, High Street
Park Street Alms Houses
Proof House, on Banbury Street
Queens Hotel
Yates and Sons Manufactory, 40-44 Coleshill Street


Streets in 1851
Ann Street, Beak Street, Bennetts Hill, Bread Street, Bull Street, Bull's Head Court, Cannon Street, Cherry Street, Christ Church Passage, Colmore Row, Crooked Lane, Cross Street, Cross Yard, Dudley Street, Edgbaston Street, Evans Court, Green's Village, High Street*, Hill Street, Howard Place, King Street, Lower Temple Street, Monmouth Street, Mytle Row, Navigation Street*, Needless Alley, New Inkleys, New Street*, Old Inkleys, Old Meeting Street, Paradise Street*, Peck Lane, Pinfold Street, Post Office Yard, Queen Street, Smallbrook Street*, Suffolk Street*, Summer Street, Swallow Street, Temple Row, Tonks Street, Union Passage, Union Street, Upper Temple Street, Vale Street, Waterloo Street, Worcester Street*.
(little cannon st,colmore st, little colmore st)
*Street in multiple districts

Pubs in 1851
Welch's Eating House

Other Notable Institutions and Buildings
Blue Coat School
Clarendon Hotel
Free Grammar School
Hen and Chicken's Hotel
New Royal Hotel
Odd Fellows Hall
Police Station
St. Philip's Rectory
School of Design
Warwick House
Insurance Buildings


Streets in 1851
Albert Place, Albion Terrace (*), Bath Row, Bath Row Passage, Bell Barn Road, Belvedere Place, Berkeley Street, Betholom Row, Bickley's Court, Bishopgate Street, Bishopgate Terrace, Blakemore Terrace, Blucher Street, Bow Street, Bridge Street, Bristol Street (*), Broad Street (*), Bromsgove Street (*), Byron Place, Byron Terrace, Chapel Place, Chapel Terrace, Chapel Yard, Chequer's Lane, Cleve Terrace, Cobden Place, Colmore Place, Communication Row, Cregoe Court, Cregoe Place, C/Gregoe Street, Cringeoed Place, Cumberland Place, Edgbaston Terrace, Ellis Street, Essex Street, Exeter Row, Fordrough Street, Fox Court, Gas Street, Gough Street, Grant Street, Granville Place, Granville Street, Great Charles Street (*), Highfield Place, Holliday Street, Holloway Head, Horse Fair, Hurst Street, Inge Street (*), Irvine Place, Irvine Street, Islington, Islington Place (*), Islington Row, Latimer Street, Latimer Street South, Lee Bank Square, Leighton Place, Little Bow Street, Little Hill Street, Marshall Street, Navigation Street (*), New Bridge Street, New Terrace, Norfolk Street, Old Wharf, Peacock Yard, Pigott Street, Richmond Terrace, Roland Place, Severn Street, Smallbrook Street (*), Spring Vale, St. Martin Street, Stoke Street, Stone Yard, Suffolk Street (*), Sun Street, Sun Street West, Sutton Place, Tennant Street, Thorp Street, Trafalgar Place, Upper Gough Street, Upper Marshall Street, Upper Ryland Street, Victoria Place, Vine Place, Violet Place, Washington Street, Wharf Street, Wheeleys Road, William Street, Willmore's Court, Windmill Hill, Windmill Street, Wood Street (*), Wynn Street.
(king st) 
*Street in multiple districts

Pubs in 1851
Bee Hive Tavern, Bell Inn, Camp Tavern, Vine Inn

Other Notable Institutions and Buildings
Attwoods Works
Borough Police Station
Canal Office
General Institution for the Blind
Hopkin's Works
Jews Burial Ground
New Royal Exchange,
Paving Wharf, Paving Yard
Queen's Hospital
Royal Exchange,
Worcester Wharf

WikiTree is a single family tree with many Birmingham-based ancestors. Below are some more notable families. Others will be added.

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  1. Was there a workhouse on Swallow St Birmingham in 1891 Census no street numbers listed?


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