11 December 2017

Map of the Hundreds of Staffordshire, c. 1650

Map of the hundreds of Staffordhire, by Hollar, c. 1650s.

Although this is a map of Staffordshire, the town of Birmingham can be seen at its borders on the left,  and some of what are now the suburbs of Birmingham were previously in Staffordshire. On the map, north is to the right (one of the enlargements - below - is tilted with north at the top). It was produced in about the 1650s by Wenceslaus or Wenceslas Hollar, a Czech etcher, who made several images in the British Isles, and died in London in 1677. The original is 19 by 26 cm, and part of the Wenceslaus Holler Collection at the University of Toronto (see here).

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