3 December 2012

And Now in the 1600s

Following on from my post of the Medieval Birmingham video, I thought I would take us a little further into the future...about 350 years in fact. Still a little bit before the Georgian Streets, but many of the houses seen here would stand fast for a lot longer yet. The prospect was produced between about 1630 and 1670 by Wenceslaus Hollar showing the south-east part of the town with St. Martin's church to the left (see below also). By this time the church looks like it has already had its rebuild that remained until the 1870s when the church we know today was erected. Many of the buildings would have still been timber framed, but newer buildings were beginning to be influenced by the classical styles, like the house probably built for John Jennens on the High Street, later becoming the Court of Requests.

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