3 December 2012

Medieval Birmingham

This is quite a bit before the period I cover with this blog, I know, but I felt that this reconstruction of Birmingham in about 1300 was an interesting prelude to the Birmingham that I explore. It is currently situated in the Birmingham History Galleries in Birmingham museum, and was produced using as much educated guess work as archaeological evidence, but is still an interesting impression of the town's beginnings. St. Martin's church can be seen in red, as that was the colour of the local stone, as well as the only other stone building, the manor house. The designers created eight different kinds of wooden houses for the model ranging from the smallest, of which there were many, to only one of the largest house owned by the wealthiest merchant. There was also the manor house for the lord of the manor. The shape of the Bull Ring can be seen, and High Street and New Street are lined with buildings.

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