14 January 2021

Birmingham Objects: Thomason's Famous Corkscrew

~Corkscrew probably made by Edward Thomason labelled with Charles Jones's mark to be sold in his Pantechnetheca.~

Edward Thomason was a silversmith with a large manufactory on Church Street, he patented his design for a new corkscrew in 1802 and it made him a small fortune. Charles Jones was a silversmith and jeweller and had been in partnership with Thomason until December 1823 when Jones opened his own grand showrooms on New Street; the Pantechnetheca. It is likely that Jones sold a number of items from his old partner along with many other products sourced from other manufacturers in the town and elsewhere. Jones selected a wide range of better quality goods for his Pantechnetheca and the badge that he has placed on the corkscrew was probably a statement of quality and craftsmanship, as well as some advertising for Jones's shop. Birmingham had fought against negative opinion concerning many of the cheaper wares produced in the town and Jones was asserting his aspirations for how the best Birmingham wares should be seen through a early form of branding.

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