Victorian Photo Album Nᵒ.10: Chaucer's Head Bookshop (New Street, c. 1870s)

Chaucer's Head bookshop at 74 New Street, c. 1870s.
Held at Birmingham Archive @ Library of Birmingham.

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The Chaucer's Head bookshop was at the top on New Street, and was one of four shops set alongside the south wall of Christ Church (see more on these shops here). Christ Church was where the "Floozie in the Jacuzzi" is now. The bookshop was founded at 74 New Street in 1830 by John Cadby, who was succeeded by William Downing (whose name is seen in the photograph) in 1870. It was removed to Temple Row in 1890.*1* Downing was a well known local bookseller specialising in antiquarian books, and with customers ranging from local politician Joseph Chamberlain to Arts and Crafts designer William Morris.*2* 

Advert for Chaucer's Head from Personal Recollections of Birmingham and Birmingham Men by E. Edwards (1877).

Texture and Typography

Entry to the Space Behind

Browsers and Displays of Books

'Rare & Curious Books'

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